Body wraps are a therapeutic treatment designed to treat the skin and the body from the outside in.

During the treatment your skin is covered with a treatment body mask and then cocooned in thermal foils and blankets to slowly induce heat. This process allows the skin to open up and eliminate excess toxins and fluids whilst also allowing for a deeper penetration of active ingredients from the body mask.  

Overall a body wrap is a great way to naturally contour your silhouette, detox the body, and reduce bloating & fluid retention. It will also help to stimulate your metabolism & digestive system, support weight loss programs, strengthen your circulation and feed & nourish your skin. 

The body wraps at Eden are also designed to offer a complete relaxation experience by incorporating our signature spa rituals 

Full Body Wrap     
1hr 30mins $180

These body wrap treatment offers the best of relaxation and results and can be customized by choosing one of the following:

Balance Milk Body Wrap

Nurturing – Calming – Nourishing – Softening

Active Ingredients: Oat Extracts, Amino Acids, Vanilla & Coconut

Includes: Welcome Ritual - Dry Body Brushing – Coconut Body Scrub – Hydrating Mini Facial – Shower –  Vanilla Milk Body Wrap – Coconut & Camellia Hair Treatment – Shower – Nourishing Body Balm Massage 

Restore Warm Oil Body Wrap

Stimulating – Refreshing – Uplifting – Hydrating

Active Ingredients: Algae Extracts, Camellia Oil, Pine & Rosemary

Includes: Welcome Ritual – Dry Body Brushing – Epsom Salt Body Scrub – Balancing Mini Facial – Shower – Rosemary Oil Body Wrap – Argan Oil Hair Treatment – Shower – Stimulating Body Balm Massage 

Cleansing Clay Body Wrap

Contouring – Purifying – Toning – Eliminating

Active Ingredients: Algae Extracts, Bentonite Clay, Juniper & Lemon

    Includes: Welcome Ritual – Dry Body Brushing – Lime Body Scrub – Balancing Spa Facial -                   
    Shower – Bentonite Clay Body Wrap – Argan Oil Hair treatment – Shower – Rejuvenating Body
    Body Balm Massage

Contouring Detox Wrap    
2hrs $220

This treatment uses a powerful combination of active ingredients, heat and infrared to help the body to breakdown and eliminate stored fats, toxins and excess fluid. 

Each treatment will contour the silhouette, reduce bloating, decongest the lymph, support weight loss, improve the appearance of cellulite and stimulate the body.

Includes: A Welcome Ritual & Cleansing Herbal Tea – Dry Body Brushing –Llime & Ginger Body Scrub – Balancing Mini Facial - Shower – Infrared Sauna Session – Detox Algae Body Wrap – Argan Oil Hair Treatment – Shower – Treatment Body Serum & Rejuvenating Body Balm Ritual     

Our body philosophy ...

The skin is the largest organ of the body and one of its primary functions is the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste.

Due to environmental factors and lifestyle, the skin on our body can very easily accumulate a build-up of dead skin cells, dirt and pollutants. This build-up slows down & inhibits this absorption and elimination process. This then has a negative on flow effect on our overall health and wellness, as the body can no longer function at 100%.


At Eden we design our body treatments to stimulate and strengthen the internal systems of the body to effectively improve and maintain optimal health and wellbeing as well as improve the tone and texture of the skin. 


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