Body exfoliation will cleanse the skin of dirt and impurities and lift and soften dry skin cells. Exfoliation is also a great way to stimulate the internal systems of the body helping to strengthen circulation, decongest the lymph and stimulate the metabolism and digestive system.

A full body exfoliation treatment will naturally reduce the appearance of cellulite, support weightloss and detox programs, improve hydration and soften & brighten the complexion and tone of the skin.

Full Body Exfoliation

1hr 15min $120

This full body exfoliation uses our signature rituals to create a complete spa experience that treats the skin, cleanses the body and relaxes the mind.

Includes: Welcome Ritual - Dry Body Brush – Body Exfoliation – Mini Facial – Shower – Full Body Moisturize


Each full body exfoliation is customized with your choice of scrub, focus area and depth of pressure.

Please choose from the following:


Balance Scrub with Milk & Coconut  -  Nourishing

Restore Scrub with Rosemary & Epsom Salts – Stimulating

Cleanse Scrub with Lime & Ginger – Detoxifying

Tuscan Tan Body Exfoliation

45min $90

This treatment uses a specifically formulated oil free scrub to especially prepare and balance the pHof the skin to ensure a more even and longer lasting tan.

This scrub is highly recommended for brides, dry skin types or when tan is still left on the skin

Includes: Welcome Ritual – Dry Body Brush – Body & Face Exfoliation.

Please note this treatment can only be booked on the same day as your Spray Tan Appointment

Back Cleanse  

45min $90

The back cleanse is an ideal pre occasion treatment for anyone suffering from congestion, dry flakey skin or uneven complexion throughout the back area.

Includes: Welcome Ritual – Back Cleanse, Massage & Exfoliation  

For ongoing congestion and acne of the back, shoulders or décolletage please see our Skin Rejuvenation Treatments under our Problematic Facials.

Our body philosophy ...

The skin is the largest organ of the body and one of its primary functions is the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste.

Due to environmental factors and lifestyle, the skin on our body can very easily accumulate a build-up of dead skin cells, dirt and pollutants. This build-up slows down & inhibits this absorption and elimination process. This then has a negative on flow effect on our overall health and wellness, as the body can no longer function at 100%.


At Eden we design our body treatments to stimulate and strengthen the internal systems of the body to effectively improve and maintain optimal health and wellbeing as well as improve the tone and texture of the skin.