Problematic Prescriptive Facials...

Our Problematic Facials will holistically clam, heal & repair acute and chronic skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, congestion, breakout, redness & sensitivity.


Each facial is designed to reduce inflammation, balance the pH, repair the acid mantle and strengthen the skinís integrity and immunity.

Esentials Facial

$140          60mins

Treatment Facial

$160          75mins

Performance Facial

$180         90mins


Micro Hydra Brasion, Phototherapy, Resurfacing Peels & Extractions are Available



75min          $150

This holistic facial detoxes the skin of chemicals, toxins & pollutants that naturally build up from products, diet, lifestyle & the environment. Thru the use of certified organic products & essential oils we are able to naturally heal & repair environmentally stressed skins


S K I N     C O N S U L T A T I O N...

Not Sure which Facial is for You?

Have No Idea about Skincare?

Concerned about Your Skin but Not sure Why?

Then Book in for Our Professional Skin Consultation

During your Session your Skin Therapist will

Identify your Skin Type & Diagnosis any Skin Conditions Prescribe a Professional Treatment Plan

Recommend a Skincare Routine & Samples

Offer Tips & Advice and Answer Any of Your Questions

                 $50      30mins

The cost of the consultation is redeemable against any recommended treatment or product purchased within 4 weeks of the consultation.


To book please call the spa on

9999 6027