The power of massage will relieve sore and aching muscles, reduce soft tissue inflammation and increase joint mobility. But did you know that regular massage will also increase your oxygenation levels by 10%, strengthen your circulatory system and decongest your lymph.

Sole Delight Foot Massage

30min - $70

This treatment is specially designed to soothe tired feet and legs whilst also relaxing the entire body and mind.

Ideal For: Aching Feet, Swollen Ankles, Pre & Post Exercise.


Spa Balancing Massage

This grounding massage combines slow deep movements and added spa rituals to create a complete experience. This treatment is aimed to nurture stressed bodies and calm busy minds.

Ideal For: Stress & Anxiety, Tension Headaches, Poor Concentration, Restlessness & Insomnia


Back Massage 45 min - $90

Full Body Massage 1hr 15min - $120


Sports Detox Massage

1hr 30min - $180

A stimulating massage based on deep tissue techniques and stretching to help relieve chronic and acute muscular pains. This treatment will also assist the body in eliminating toxins caused by stress, exercise and lifestyle.

Ideal For: Aching Muscles, Fatigue, Sluggish Bodies, Digestive Issues and Pre & Post Exercise


*Please note this massage is also ideal to support anyone on a detox or weightloss program.
 Please see our detox treatments.

Hot Rock Massage                
1hr 30min - $180                        

This therapeutic massage uses heated rocks and manual massage movements together to work seven times deeper than normal massage. The weight and heat of each rock helps to contour excess fluid, soften tight muscles, reduce inflammation and stimulate circulation

Ideal For: Poor Circulation (Cold Bodies), Tight Muscles, Tiredness, Stress & Tension

Mother To Be Massage          
1hr 30min - $180                          

This treatment is designed to create a complete relaxation experience that specifically nurtures tired and uncomfortable bodies in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

*Please note our treatment beds are set up to accommodate the needs of a pregnant body.
This treatment is only available to clients in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.