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At Eden we use Tuscan Tan Spray On Tanning System

The tanning solution adapts to any skin type as it picks up and mimics the skin natural colouring. Leaving you with an authentic looking tan (no orange after glow.) You a sprayed with a hand held air brush which will ensure your application is tailored to your needs.

Optimising your tan

The tan will last between 5-7 days based on the condition of the skin before the tan and how well the skin is looked after while the tan is on.The day before your tan make sure all waxing and shaving is performed also exfoliate the skin thoroughly which will help to lift dry built up skin helping to ensure you have a more even and deeper application and your tan will also fade more evenly.

On the day of your tan...

Please make sure you apply no moisturizer or deodorant to your body as this will act as a barrier on the skin. You can be sprayed in your swimming costume, underwear, disposable g-string (supplied by eden) or your birthday suit. Bring with you loose fitting clothing to change into after the tan. Once you have been sprayed the tan takes 8 hours to develop on the skin. We recommended you do not shower, apply product to the skin or do any physical activity that may cause perspiration during this time.

We recommend that you get sprayed 2 days prior for when you want the tan

Spray Tan $50

important information ...

All our therapists perform all waxing techniques under
the strict OH & S guidelines.


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