Papilio Fat Burning System...

Papilio is a next-generation system that uses state of the art technology to target fat loss and improve skin tone. The Papilio system teaches you the secret to weight loss, helping you to better understand how your body works and moves you closer towards your ideal state of health and body shape.

The Papilio System combines four proven concepts in one complete program:

- Exercise                                              

- Negative Pressure

- Infrared

- Ketogenics  


The program is designed to holistically burn fat from your body, detoxify excess toxins and improve your health and wellbeing in an accelerated time frame.   

The Papilio machine is an encapsulated piece of exercise equipment that uses negative pressure and infrared to override genetic programming and burn fat off stomach, bottoms and thighs. This powerful combination turns a 30 minute exercise session into an effective workout that is equivalent to hours at the gym. One single session can burn up to 3000 calories and reduce fatigue and stress.

The program is optionally supported by a ketogenics diet which is a nutritional program based on eating specific whole foods that allows your body to enter a metabolic state to burn stored FAT as energy. (For more Information Please see our Nutrition Page)

The Papilio system has a variety of different programs and packages available that can be tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle. The results you can expect from completing a program are: 

- An average 5-6kgs of FAT Lost (most of our clients lose more)

- Centimetres OFF Targeted Areas: Stomach, Bottoms & Thighs  

- Improved Appearance of Cellulite

- Cellular Detoxification  and Elimination of Waste

- Reduced Bloating & Fluid Retention

- Increased Body Hydration Levels

- Improved Oxygenation & Energy Levels 

- Strengthened Circulatory System

- Reduced Metabolic Age

For more information please head to: http://www.papilio.com.au/



PHONE: 9999 6027