Far Infrared Saunas are an effective and holistic way to improve and maintain general health & wellbeing.

Far Infrared (FIR) heat is part of the suns invisible wavelength spectrum and has been scientifically proven to be completely safe and therapeutic for all living things.

FIR omits a heated wavelength that is absorbed by the body into our subcutaneous tissue (otherwise known as our fat layer). This process gently raises your core temperature so that the body heats from the inside out.

As the core temperature of the body increases, the fat cells stored in the subcutaneous tissue are heated up and released into the body to be burned as energy. Each 30 minute session allows you to burn up to 1000 calories of stored fat.

The heat from a FIR Sauna will stimulate all the internal systems of the body helping to eliminate waste and excess fluid, which will in turn help to balance the body's pH and reduce toxicity levels by 20%

The FIR wavelength is also able to easily penetrate into joints, muscles & soft tissue helping to deeply relax and soften tight bodies, reduce inflammation, improve joint mobility as well as accelerate the healing response.

Some of the health benefits you can expect from a Far Infrared Sauna:

- Detoxification of Toxins, Waste & Excess Fluids• Decongested Lymph System

- Weight Loss

- Stimulated Metabolism & Digestive System

- Contoured Silhouette & Reduced Bloating

- Strengthen Immune System & Healing Response

- Increased Blood Oxygenation Levels

- Improved Cardiovascular System & Circulation

- Increased Energy Levels

- Relief for Chronic & Acute Muscular and Joint Pain

- Improved Flexibility and Joint Mobility

- Reduced Stress Levels

- Relief for Fluid Retention & Inflammation

- Relaxed & Rejuvenated Body

- Clearer & Brighter Skin Complexion

FIR heat is a dry heat and is a lot more tolerable than traditional steam saunas. The sauna session can be booked on their own for 30mins or in conjunction with a spa treatment.

The FIR Sauna is not recommended for children under 12 years, pregnant women & the elderly. Please consult your practitioner if unsure.

Casual Session $50 - 30 min

10 Session Pass $300 - (Valid for 6 Months)

eden detox tips.

Water and Lemon to start the day

Start your day with a glass of warm water and a slice of fresh lemon. This will stimulate your digestive system & metabolism.

Dry Body Brush every morning

This will improve the texture and appearance of your skin. Body brushing will stimulate your circulation and lymphatic systems helping your body to effectively remove excess toxins and water. Done daily dry body brushing will move 1.2kgs of waste out of the body weekly.

Move your body

Take a minimum of 10 000 steps a day. This will help your body to burn energy for longer.

Sleep 8 hours every night.

Giving your body enough rest will help heal and restore the body so throughout the day it will perform at its optimal best.

Avoid and cut back processed foods

Including, refined sugars, dairy, meat, caffeine and alcohol. Increase the amount of whole foods such as grains and rice, green leafy vegetables and water.

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