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Alleviate Stress, Ease Aching Muscles and Revive the Senses all with the Power of Touch….



Back 45mins - $80

Full Body Massage1hr 15 mins $105

Our Signature Massage is a complete Spa Experience designed to Ground, Nurture & Relax the body and mind.  Using slow massage movements with deep breathing and added spa rituals to soothe stress, anxiety & tension. Each massage begins with a personal consultation to identify individual pressure, depth and focus for the treatment ahead.





45mins - $80

1hr 15 mins $105

Our Remedial Spa Massage incorporates spa based elements with the therapeutic benefits of  Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu &  Deep Tissue Techniques, Joint Mobilization & Stretching. Each massage is designed completely around individual needs. After a professional consultation with you remedial therapist a treatment plan is created to personalise every massage. This massage is ideal for treating acute and chronic muscular pain and will address health issues such as headaches,  insomnia, digestive upset and poor circulation.




1hr 30mins $150

This massage offers a harmony of relaxation and therapeutic benefits by using a combination of hand crafted rocks and manual massage movements.The use of heated rocks increases the benefits of regular massage, stimulates circulation, flushes metabolic waste, toxins & fluids and helps contour muscle mass. This massage will deeply relax, heal & repair the body.


Add a hydrotherapy spa or a body polish to your massage for an extra $50

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